Five reasons events will increase sales

...If you build it, they will come.

Events should be part of your sales strategy. We've seen significant increases in leads and opportunities amongst our clients who run their own events as part of their sales and marketing strategy. It may sound daunting but it's the most worthwhile thing you can spend your budget and resource on this year. Here's why...


Give and Take

Too often we approach sales from the perspective that it’s all about our own needs. Our sales targets, our client portfolio, raising our profile. Remember for a second that a business relationship is two-way. You’re looking for the win/win. Before you take, focus on giving something of value to your prospects. Events offer an opportunity to share information and allow your prospects to learn and grow. Run a workshop; bring in some industry experts; talk about new trends and innovations. Make it relevant. Make it interesting. Make it about them.


No obligation

Buyer psychology is rooted in a risk/reward ratio. If the risk is too big and the reward is too small, buyers won’t engage. Common risks include investing time and feeling pressured to buy. If we can minimise this sense of ‘risk’ to our prospects and enhance the rewards available, your prospects won’t be so fearful to engage with you.

For example – a one-to-one meeting is risky for your prospect because it takes time from their day and psychologically, it sets the scene for them being ‘sold to’ – which adds pressure and leaves them looking for the nearest exit. Your task is to make the risks smaller. Instead, Invite them to an event at breakfast time or after work so the time investment is outside of their main working hours. Invite them to meet and share ideas with industry peers – both reducing the sense of buyer-pressure (because there are more people in the room) and offering further value.


20 birds, one stone

Consider the time commitment of scheduling 20 different chemistry meetings in 20 different board rooms. All that time generating the opportunity, travel time to the meeting and back plus the hour or so to get to know your new prospect. Instead – put your 20 prospects in one room and qualify which of them you can do business with. It’s the most efficient way of generating opportunities, saving you time and money in the process.


Raise your profile

Give yourself a platform to be an expert, a thought-leader. You have valuable knowledge and experience that you can share. Put yourself at the centre of the conversation. Understand the key challenges that your prospects are facing – and stay ahead of the hot topics and industry innovations. Have an opinion. Be interesting and informative. Tell stories. Use real-life examples. Events will help you to raise your own profile and in turn, raise the profile of your business - putting you front-of-mind for buyers.


Fast-track new relationships

All of the points above mean that you can fast-track your new relationships. Build trust quickly by being an industry authority, offering up-front value and giving your prospects an opportunity to meet you in a non-sales environment. This cuts out months of wooing via social channels, telemarketing and chemistry meetings.

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